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Thread: How to cut solid body - Solidworks

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    How to cut solid body - Solidworks

    Hi all,

    I have a solid body .step file sent to me by a contractor. It is an alternate construction of a part we currently produce. I am trying to cut this model down to match our fabricated version to check its functionality within the entire product assembly. When I load the model the extrude cut button is grayed out. How do I get around this? Is it because it is a hollow surface body? How do I fill it? I have tried the fill feature and selected all surfaces, but this results in solidworks crashing. These are simple cuts, no drafts or anything like that? Any ideas?

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    I would ask the contractor to re-create and send you a 3D step file. A surface model would be a lot of work to convert into a solid model...

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    Extrude cut will not work on a surface body. You can either do a surface extrude and cut with that, or if the object is a closed body, you can go to thicken and check the "create solid body from enclosed surfaces" box to turn the part into a solid, wherein you can continue to use normal solid feature tools.

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