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Thread: A question about specificity in civil engineering

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    Cool A question about specificity in civil engineering

    Hi guys,

    First post here. Glad to be have access to this forum and its wealth of information.

    Ok, so I'm very interested in structures. Particularly military structures (like bunkers) and any kind of underground structure. I'm also interested in military technology (aerospace eng., NAME), but I'm the person who spends 99% of their Sims 3 time in the building phase with money cheats... underground structures and the surrounding geological issues really interest me because of humanity's history of underground structures like the catacombs and tunnels in Europe.

    I don't want to bore you with that, though, so let me get to my question. If I study civil engineering, is there any specialty that would give me any particular expertise in constructing bunkers, militarily secure structures, or underground structures?

    Thanks! I am planning on getting my bachelors in NAME (navel architecture and marine engineering) because it will allow me to study without out of state tuition, but then I'd like to get my masters degree in civil engineering while I work in NAME.

    I appreciate your expertise and your time!
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