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Thread: Gears and Clutch

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    Gears and Clutch


    I have two idler/clutch gears on an axle with a clutch between them
    Can I have both idler gears spinning when the clutch is not meshed to either gear but when the clutch is engaged into gear 1 OR gear 2 only that one spins.?

    Obviously more axles and gears will needed underneath this to get this to work.

    Note that I cant put any more gears on the same axle as the clutch as:

    1: it slides with the clutch (through the idler gears)

    2: this type of axle isn't long enough and cant be bought in any longer length.

    If I could then I could just have a non idler gear on the end that meshes to the gear main shaft below.

    Maybe a differential can sort this I'm not sure, its really hard to picture it out mentally but I'm sure its possible, I know that a differential can have either just the pinion gears rotating, or the pinions and big outer gears rotating.

    Here is what it looks like schematic.jpg

    The grey parts are the nuts and the black part is just an axle with threads. the drum looking things with notches are the clutch sides, the gears have inner notches too with mesh with the clutch.

    The top image is of it disassembled.
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    Welcome to EE!

    Would you mind drawing and attaching to the forum a sketch or free body diagram?

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