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Thread: Amps output from a Japanese bullet train....

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    Amps output from a Japanese bullet train....

    Hello, I need some help with figuring out how many amps that a Japanese bullet train outputs?
    A standard Shinkansen (bullet train) uses 25,000 V AC overhead power supply and 1,500 V from a direct current. Is there a way to use these numbers to figure out how many amps it outputs?
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    You can if you can find out the consumption in watts or the resistance in ohms.
    For DC:-
    Amp = watt/volt
    Amp = volt/ohm

    for AC it's a bit more long winded depending on the phase; plus it's been a while since I've had to think about this... I can remember how to find the wattage for single and 3 phase but for that you need the volts and amps. With any luck someone else with a better answer will turn up or you could try Professor Google.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum.

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    thanks for your insights Cake of Doom. I got an answer. "28.75 amps per 600-volt motor" and was able to get a rough estimate based on the number of motor cars each Shinkasen has.
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