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Thread: What’s the more adequate engineering?

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    What’s the more adequate engineering?

    I am a student who has six days to decide which course to go, but it seems that the more I research the more confuse I get, due to the many options available.

    What I want to learn is electronic / electromechanical physics (aerodynamics income etc.), ( want to learn all that i need to build electrical machines(ex electric car), or car's computers.. etc)

    With this in mind my main options are:
    Mechanical engineering.
    Electromechanical engineering.
    Electrical engineering.
    Electronic Engineering.

    Could be recommended any of the prior art in view of what I want to learn? thanks

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    I went mechanical engineering - career has been good less the challenges I had with other dominant engineering professions in my workspace.

    I would take a hard look at your self, which engineering profession you enjoy most or are most curious about and go from there. Look at your strengths, interests and passions – this is the key to your best future.

    Let us know what you decide.

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