I would be very happy if someone could give me a little advice or a hint about my problem.

The problem: I have to analyze the impact (colision) of two rotating bodies around a separate fixed axis. The body #1 hits (when rotating) the stationary body #2, then they both start/continue to rotate in same direction (around different fixed axis).
The angular momentum is constant before/between/after the impact.

The goal is to determine the set of equations using the "law" of contstant angular momentum and "epsilon" - the factor between the Impulse (of force) before and after the impact.

The result would be in the form of something like this (this is for colinear impact for translatory movement). I have to get it for angular impulse.


v1' - velocity ob body #1 after the impact
v1 - velocity of body #1 before the impact
v2 - velocity of body #2 before the impact
epsilon - factor betweetn impulse (of force) before and after the impact
m1, 2 - the mass of each body

I would be very thankful for any kind of help (advice, source - where to look, literature, etc...)