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Thread: Linear Control Systems

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    Linear Control Systems


    Identify 5 feedback control systems that you encounter in your every day environment. For each system, identify the sensing mechanism, actuation mechanism, and controller type.

    Progressively stringent requirements of modern, high-precision machinery are placing increasing demands on slide systems, such as show in Fig 1. The typical goal is to accurately control the desired path of the table. Sketch a block diagram model of a feedback system to achieve the desired goal. The table can move in the x direction.

    Draw the block diagram of a control system which can automatically adjust the radio volume in an automobile as the noise generated changes. The noise generated increases with speed. As the noise increases, the system increases the volume of the radio. Assume that the amount of noise can be represented by a voltage generated by the speedometer cable and the volume of the radio is controlled by a dc voltage. If the dc voltage represents the desired volume disturbed by the noise, draw the functional block diagram of the automatic volume control system, showing the input transducer, the volume control circuit and the speed transducer as blocks. Also show the desired volume as an input, actual volume as an output, voltages representing speed, desired volume and actual volume.

    A high-performance race car with an adjustable wing (airfoil) is shown in Fig. 2. Develop a block diagram describing the ability of the airfoil to keep a constant road adhesion between the car's tires and the race track surface.
    Why is it important to maintain good road adhesion?

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    Did you read the rules about homework?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelly Bramble View Post
    Did you read the rules about homework?
    And not even showing any attempt to work this through themselves. Poor show indeed.

    If you ever need to make a quick buck Kelly, you could start a pay-as-you-go Q+A sub forum. You'd rake it in!

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    He (or she) didn't even include the figures to which the questions apply, and still expects some magical answer. I fear for our profession, guys.

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