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Thread: dynamic bending moment

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    dynamic bending moment

    working on a workstation project and looking to use a powered column. the one i'm looking at references "dynamic bending moment". the spec sheet presents it as follows: My+/Mx+ = 250 Nm and My-/My+ = 200 Nm. what is it, and what does it tell me about the powered column?? i've tried to contact the manufacturer, but of course no reply yet. thnx.

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    Point 1: How did you contact the manufacturer? It seems the default method for most young engineers is the internet or email. Seems it rarely crosses their mind to use the old phone call. Tried and true method. Works almost every time.

    2: "Dynamic bending moment" is the maximum allowable bending moment while the unit is in motion. So obviously the "static bending moment" would be while it is stationary. Static is always higher.

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