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Thread: Creating Process Drawings from a customers Assembly drawing.

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    Talking Creating Process Drawings from a customers Assembly drawing.

    Hey, I have recently graduated and have got a job as a graduate manufacturing engineer with a precision machining company based in the UK. By the end of my first year i am expected to be capable of creating process drawings for engine parts (Low/high/intermediate pressure vanes) without supervision. Im in my second week now and still dont know much which brings me to my question. Like anyone i dont want to dissappoint my employers and was wondering if anyone could explain the process of going from an a fully detailed assembly drawing to creating a process drawing. Any outside sources i could read upon or excercises/tutorials i could look at to help me along the way. Basically i want to know what im doing and do work outside of actual work to be able to do well at my job.

    Thank you for your time.
    Farzeen Fassihi.
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    I believe that processes drawings tend to be organizational centric. Your organization will have a preferred document layout, software, configuration management, etc..

    Moreover, process drawings layout will depend on the processes you are designing for...
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