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Thread: Spinning / Twist Discs .

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    Spinning / Twist Discs .


    Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this?

    Im looking for help on how to have 2 discs which are the size of a 50 cent piece (double the size of a US quarter) in diameter. There are going to be 2 of them stacked on to of each other and I need some sort of solution to be able to spin or twist the top disc to reveal the numbers on the bottom disc. Im attaching a image to help explain what I need.

    I haven't created the 2 discs yet because Im not sure what the thickness of these 2 will be (from the side view) and I haven't decided on a material either until I figure out how I would attach these 2 and still be able to twist the top one which is why I really need some ideas or help in figuring out a solution.

    Any ideas for a mechanism to attach these 2 and be able to twist them would be greatly appreciated!

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    Drilled/punched hole at the center and rivet together?

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    Possibly drill one and tap the other for a small shoulder / stripper bolt? Maybe add a small diameter nylon disc between the two to apply slight friction to hold in place? Maybe a top-hat style nylon bushing to provide both friction on the mating faces and a bearing for your "axle." Don't know if you want this to stay where you put it or if will be revolving etc.? Might want to take a look at the adjustment screws for a rifle scope if you'd like some alternate ideas on ways to "click" the disc to positive stop positions. V - shaped spring dropping into a knurled groove on the outer diameter. Or you could go with a ring of dimples on one face with a ball spring plunger to pop into the divots.
    Good Luck!

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    How about 2 pieces of card and one of these:-

    Is there any brief on how far this needs to go in design terms?

    Good luck.

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