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Thread: Need help consolidating my project components

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    Question Need help consolidating my project components

    I am currently in the midst of prototyping a little hobby side-project of mine. An automated homebrew beer system, controlled through a micro-controller. All processes from water-intake, temperature regulation, hop additions, grain bag addition/removal are controlled.

    I am, however, feeling the need to "tidy" things up a bit by putting my various project components into a stand-alone unit somehow. I have some ideas (see attached image), but I am sure there are better approaches than my own, to both consolidate these components and meet the requirements I've set for the project.


    -should be structured in a manner conducive to overall safety
    -electrical components out of the way of water and heat sources.
    -components, wires, tubes, should be consolidated as possible, where appropriate with respect to other requirements.

    Electrical project box - Contains the Solid State Relays, contactors, GFCI, etc., as well as the micro controller, circuit board, 5v and 12v sources, and 8-channel relays.
    1 x 240VAC 5500W ULWD element for the brew kettle
    2 x two-way electrical 12VDC ball valves
    1 x three-way electrical 12VDC ball valve
    1 x hoist - lifts and lowers grain bag
    1 x ultrasonic transducer for distance-to-water measurement (to prevent overflow)
    1 x temperature probe.
    SJOOW 10/4 cable, 30ft. (from 220VAC source, to electrical project box)
    SJOOW 10/3 cable, 20ft. (from electrical project box, to the element in the brew kettle)
    3/8" ID vinyl tubing to connect the ball values
    - shielded wire to connect the electrical 12VDC electrical components from the electrical project box, to their respective components. Ideally consolidating these by using a wire wrapper. ~10ft. per component connection.

    I am attaching an image of what my current setup is like. It's quite messy -- as is my drawing. (I'm a web developer, not an artist)

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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