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Thread: Choosing the silicon layer thickness

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    Choosing the silicon layer thickness

    Hi I'm new here studying a solar engineering course. I'm not sure that's my question fit here but i'm ready for moving it .
    I've to choose an optimized thickness for a layer cell, seemed to me simple by using Lambert formula but they are giving me datas on others parameters and i started to doubt that it was so simple
    Here is the prob
    I'll appreciate if someone could help me with that not to give me the answer but the path to resolve it

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    Seems to me that it is as simple as you first thought. I think the other values have been included to get you thinking about the quality of the material you're working with rather than an "ideal situation" where everything is perfect because it makes the numbers a bit easier.

    I would also get a second opinion though.

    Good luck.

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    Well, looks like this maybe a homework problem as the math or concepts needed for calculation "Beer-Lamberts Law" is quite complex...


    Beer–Lambert law.pdf

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