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Thread: water sensor umbrella ..

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    water sensor umbrella ..

    I would like to design an umbrella system that will be attached to your table for outdoor restaurants that works upon a rain sensor system for my final year project. So, in case while you are having a wonderful meal and suddenly it rains, you dont have to worry as the umbrella will automatically activate. Since im in the mechanical field, I dont have much knowladge in the electrical section. My design includes a water sensor at the tip of the umbrella to collect rain drop and to send the signal to the hydraulic pump (small type) that will open up the umbrella. My question here is is it possible to use a hydraulic pump or is there any other solution ..? Also, after the sensor detects the rain, how does it send impulse in order for the pump to work...??Please help me...Your help is much appreciated.. Thank You...if anything you can pm me..thanks a lot..ur help is appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum. I am sure you have read the forum rules regarding homework and school projects, so you will understand if we don't do your work for you.

    But, it is permissible to chat about ideas and I think your idea has some merits, but there are some considerations you may wish to address.

    First, where I live (central plains area of the United States) rain is generally accompanied by strong and gusty winds, especially in the spring and early summer. Let me pose this question to you: What happens if your water activated umbrella deploys in a 40 mile per hour wind?

    Second, have you considered how the umbrella is to deploy with respect to its proximity to people and surroundings? Would the umbrella safely deploy without damage or injury to passersby?

    I think if you address the safety issues along with the functionality of the umbrella, you will have a much better product in the end.


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