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Thread: Help needed for bicycle transmisison, level: ninja

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    Help needed for bicycle transmisison, level: ninja

    Hello engineers!
    I am building a recumbent tricycle for a handicapped girl but im having some dificoulties with the transmission part.
    Im not stupid, just uneducated, so i simply do not understand what parts im needing to complete this project.

    Its not my first bike build, but it is, by far, the most advanced build ive taken upon myself..

    As you can see from the pictures, its a delta configuration, with two rear wheels and a side-by-side (sociable) tandem, and thats part of the problem.
    The requirements are that the left seat (pilot) maintains gear and brake control while the right seat has the ability to help pedaling, but also the ability to not help at all.
    The both sides need to use the same gear since the "passenger" has no cognitive understanding for gear shifters and such.
    This means that the right side needs a freewheel or oneway bearing somewhere in the transmission.

    I need to transfer the power from two sets of pedals to a collecting axle (purple/blue on pictures), then transfer to a modified internal gear hub and then transfer to the output axle (green on pics).

    But i cannot figure out how to fix the axles onto the frame (with bearings) nor chain sprockets to the axles.
    Remember, i need to be able to remove any and all parts from the frame for maintenance, so i cannot permanently install the axles.

    If anyone has any ideas or suggestions PLEASE let me know!
    To clarify, im looking for fixtures that can hold the axles, bearings and bike sprockets.

    I would prefer using standardized components as far as humanly possible to keep down cost and simplify maintenance.
    But i do have access to a lathe and similar metalworking machines, if it would come to that. the way, im doing this for free, only charging for materials, so please keep the cost factor in mind.
    its expensive enough to have a multi-diagnosed handicapped daughter..


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    You need to incorporate an overrunning clutch drive like what is found on pretty much all bicyles... at both stations. You ought to be able to round up some scrap bikes for parts donors pretty easily and adapt to suit?

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