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Thread: Help needed - Secondary Auxiliary view drawing !

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    Help needed - Secondary Auxiliary view drawing !


    I need help finishing this ... I got to draw a primary and a secondary auxiliary view in order to see adequately the oblique surface...

    I guess I understand much of how to do it, the problem is I don't get how to finish this with the hidden lines etc. ...

    Any inputs would be AWESOME !!!!!!!

    Thank you very much


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    I don't quite understand the top left sketch. I think it is the view perpendicular to the surface that has been cut, but your lines suggest it is derived from the cross section on the far right. I don't think it helps describe much.
    That far right cross section needs some heavier lines to be complete.
    Personally, I would have added a top view, as I think that would describe enough.

    What is this for?

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