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Thread: Resistive heating vs. Hot pack

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    Resistive heating vs. Hot pack

    Dear All,

    I am comparing two methods for keeping premature, and ill babies warm.

    On the one hand I have resistive heating, and on the other 'hot packs'

    Goal is to find a reusable, and reliable method. It has to maintain a constant temperature for at least 2 hours, and preferable has to be cheap.

    I know a resistive heating element suits all these purposes, but I am wondering if there are any 'hot packs' that do so...?

    Just to be clear: By 'hot pack' I mean the elements which contain a liquid that crystallizes when you break a coin inside the element.

    Does anybody know more about these things, and has a source maybe?


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    Take a look at the below websites for a start.
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