I need to interview an electrical engineer for a school project and I've been looking on the internet for days how to do it. I need someone who has graduated from college and is working as an engineer, I would really appreciate it!

What engineering skills have you developed in the past year or so?
Being an engineer must require a lot of precision. How do you make sure your work contains no mistakes?
What prompted you to specialize in electric9990al engineering? Did you have any interests in mechanical, computer, or civil engineering?
If you remember about your education experience, how would you describe it?
What is your favorite thing about electrical engineering? And your least?
Did you always want to become an engineer? What is your main interest in engineering?
About how much free time do you have each week? Do you think it's too little?
Did you have a hard time looking for a company to work for once you graduated from college?
Would you say that there is a lot of competition among electrical engineers?
What are your main goals for electrical engineering?

You can private message me the answers.