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Thread: Need some problem solving help?? engineering minds needed

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    :bash: Need some problem solving help?? engineering minds needed

    So I'm at my girls house on NYE, afew drinks inside me and was sat in her room whilst she was downstairs. I got up and was looking at brick-a-brack knocking around on her windowsill, I picked up a Russian doll that her great gran (from russia) had hand painted about 90 years ago and had been handed down to her. For some unknown reason to myself I decided to drop the doll into a small crystal vase that next to it, it seemed a good fit. When I attempted to pick it out I experienced some difficulty and the doll became lodged it pretty tight.

    Finally I thought I had removed the russian doll when I pulled hard, but unfortunately only it's top half came out, leaving the bottom half behind. I had to hide the vase (which is also her mums favorite vase) and try again today. I tried tweezers and suction but nothing seems to shift the dam thing. I can't turn the vase upside down as the water in the bottom will damage the paint on the doll as I already found out. I really need some suggestions on how to remove this damn thing without smashing the vase or damaging the foreign body. It's not the first time I've pulled a stunt like this and recon if she found out it could be the straw that brakes the camel's back!! Please help!! I've put the top half back in for the pics so you can see what we're dealing with.

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    If there is an airtight seal around the doll you can try to create pressure on the inside by heating the vase up. Eventually it will pop out, or explode. Oops!

    Or you could push a straw through and blow in it to create internal pressure. Or you could insert a small piece of stiff wire with a hook end on it (like a small allen wrench) and pull it out.

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    Flipping the vase upside down and heating it up (not too hot) could cause the vase to expand and the doll to drop.

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    wonder if the body's been found yet?

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