As the title says I am looking for advice planning my career so I end up where I want to be in a certain engineering specification and I think this could help others too.

I suggest keeping the thread reasonably clean and simple for everyone to understand.

Posting format below, starting from university level to PhD.

Course career path - Course full name - Course level - Detail


Electromechanical Engineering - BEng (Hons)/MEng
This course will take you from undergraduate to masters in engineering.

Electrical wind power sustainability and efficiency - PHD
This course will provide you with a doctorate in wind power.


Please feel free too correct me on anything and modify this post as I am a new member seeking exactly this advice, so I'll ask my question first about my career path hoping to get an answer from someone with experience.

I live in the UK and want to study engineering at university but I need advice on how to specialize and get a PhD in preferably Automotive electrical engineering such as electric powered cars, boats and other such transport or anything similar you can link me too and advise on completing this feat.?

Any job offers or help during my course would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance and many regards.