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Thread: How to find torque on planet carrier

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    How to find torque on planet carrier

    I have the following data in an epicyclic gear train:

    Angular speed on ring = 1500 rpm, teeth on ring = 30
    Angular speed on sun = 3200 rpm, teeth on sun = 10
    Angular speed on carrier = 1925 rpm, teeth on planets = 10

    (The ratios of teeth are for simple calculation assumed 3: 1: 1 among ring, sun and carrier.)


    torque on ring = 190 Nm
    torque on sun = 50 Nm

    How do I find the torque on the planet carrier?

    Please help me!!

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    Welcome to EE!

    The following document should provide the guidance that you need.


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    This is a nice article that may help you out without having to wait for a response from anyone:

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