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Thread: Torque required for pinch rollers

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    Torque required for pinch rollers

    Hi Everyone, I am working on a machine that has a pinch roller set operated by a servo motor. The pinch rollers will be "feeding" thin sheetmetal (0.004-0.020) into another machine. The sheetmetal has a slack loop, with separate motor rotating the sheetmetal coil. To determine the size of the servo required, I essentially found the mass of the material that I will need to pull, and multiplied that by the size of my rollers. My problem is that this does not take into account the "pinching" forces that are acting on the rollers to overcome the lack of friction between said rollers and sheetmetal. Does anyone have any source that I might use to get a little closer to an actual torque requirement?

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    I would prototype the roller apparatus and test various compression scenarios measuring torque.

    Or, look at this document "Elastic Compression of Rollers and Spheres".


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