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Thread: flat root side fit 30pa spline

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    Confused flat root side fit 30pa spline

    I was wondering if any of you folks could check the tooth thickness and pin measurement values for this program i wrote. Here are the output results.
    Thanks in advance

    ansi 92.2

    Class 4
    N(Z) 32
    Module 3
    Term Symbol Result
    Spline Length g 44.800
    Pitch Diameter D 96.0000
    Base Diameter Db 83.1384
    Circular Pitch p 9.4248
    Tooth Thickness mod See table es 0.0000
    Min.Major Diameter, Internal DEI min 100.5000
    Max.Major Diameter, Internal DEI max 100.5899
    Form Dia. Internal DFI 99.6000
    Min.Minor Diameter, Internal DII min 93.2102
    Max. Minor Diameter,Internal DII max 93.6202
    Max.Major Diameter, External DEE max 99.0000
    Min.Major Diameter, External DEE min 98.5900
    Form Dia. External DFE 92.6102
    Max.Minor Diameter, External DIE max 91.5000
    Min.Minor Diameter, External DIE min 91.4101
    Cir tooth thickness Sv max 4.7124
    Min actual S min 4.6605
    Max actual S max 4.6874
    Min eff Sv min 4.685
    Cir space width Ebsc 4.7124
    Min eff Ev min 4.7124
    Max actual Emax 4.7643
    Min actual Emin 4.7374
    Max eff Ev max 4.7393
    Max Measurement over pin ext 5.7600 105.2182
    Min Measurement over pin ext 104.9671
    Min Measurement over pin int 5.184 88.8200
    Max Measurement over pin int 88.5239

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    I am afraid I am too lazy to do that, but, why not go to a spline manufacturer's site and get the results for a given spline?

    Plug the basic parameters into your program and see what's what?

    p.s. I am assuming you mean "Slide fit"
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