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Thread: Problem temperature refrigerator

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    Problem temperature refrigerator

    Why temperature of refrigerator show higher than standard ? Which is the temperature standard should be below 5 degree of Celsius but it show 9 degrees

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    All a refrigerator does is take heat from the inside and try and dissipate it outside of it's enclosure. If there is already too much heat outside, such as a really warm day then the ability to do its job is impacted. Also if the method of dissipating the heat, Usually coils on the rear or bottom of the unit (they get warm or hot) is impaired somehow, for example if the airflow past these things are blocked, then that will also have a dramatic effect.

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    I think there may be problem with your sensor you need to change sensors which used in your refrigerator. If sensors works correctly out put of these was too good also.You can also use load cell sensors for this purpose.
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