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Thread: Injection molding. What standards on use of secondary processing of plastic are

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    Injection molding. What standards on use of secondary processing of plastic are

    For Injection molding technology could you please help me what standards on use of secondary processing of plastic are?

    How many percent are allowed to add when recycling plastic? How can exchange mechanical and chemical physical properties from use of secondary raw materials?

    What recommendations of producers of raw materials for molding of plastic under pressure are?

    Me interests granulated polycarbonate without cretaceous filler.

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    I would contact your injection molder and ask them. You seem to be asking about co-molding process.

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    I dont mean to steal this thread but i cannot find any other place to post this, i am re-working a fairly simple ladder logic program for an injection molding machine and want to use stages. DL250
    I've got a decent handle on stages but have a few gaps. I'm sure I'll have many questions but first off: speeds and pressures.
    At each step of the molding process I will potentially be changing speeds and pressures. I'd like to have one sub-routine or stage for speeds and one for pressures. Both speeds an pressures are changed by combining 5-7 outputs (hydraulic valves).
    Some steps are sequential and some are parallel. For instance during the clamp closed step, the carriage forward, injection, screw rotate, suck back, carriage back, steps all can occur. Each of these steps could have independent speeds and pressures. The clamp closed and stuffer up/down steps are the only steps that can be combined in parallel with other steps.
    These steps can occur in automatic operation or in manual by operator using selector switches.
    Should I use stage or sub-routine for speeds and pressures?
    Would it be easier to set a bit stating what steps are active?
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