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Thread: Pressure vessel help

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    Pressure vessel help

    Hello and thank you for helping me out on this one.

    so i am trying to figure out how to make a pressure tank with materials i already have and i am worried about the endcaps. I have 20" OD stainless steel 316 with .125 wall cylinder. i also have two .125 316 flat plates that i wanted to weld on for endcaps. my working pressure would be around 100psi with a temperature around 90F. i have been looking around the interweb for the calculations for flat endcaps and cant seem to find what i need. any help would be great! Thank you for your time.

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    There's a reason you can't find it. Flat ends and the sharp corners they create are a very bad idea and generally do not work at all under any kind of pressure. Your end plate has 314 sq inches area. At 100 psi that's 31,400 lbs total load on your end plate. Still think it can take it?

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    The loading, as JBoggs indicated is quite large and unsupportable with a .125" thick end plate.

    You can get exact numbers with these equations and engineering calculator..

    Circular Plate deflection and Stress

    To do the conversions from imperial unit to SI.

    Inch units to mm

    psi to N/mm^2 ----> 1 psi = .00689475 N/mm^2

    inches to mm ----> 1 inch = 25.4 mm

    Also see:

    Pressure Vessel Engineering and Design
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