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Thread: torque = inertia x acceleration, inertia help for tube

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    torque = inertia x acceleration, inertia help for tube

    Need some help with inertia for a tube on an angle. Once I find the inertia, I would like to use to calculate torque required to turn the tube about it's axis, as if it had a motor attached to it. Let's say the tube is .50" I.D., 1.00" O.D., and 12" long. Density of .05 lb/in^3. 20 degrees from vertical (approx. 4 pm). My fancy CAD program tell mes Iyy is 2.036 lb in^2. Is this the correct inertia value to then use in Torque = inertia x acceleration (for previous described setup)?

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    I think your CAD scope is telling the Section Modulus often referred to as "Section Moment of Inertia" - what you need is the Mass Moment of Inertia..

    See --> Mass Moments of Inertia Equation and Calculator

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