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Thread: Help choosing education path??

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    Help choosing education path??

    The nature of this forum seems to be more of a Q&A for application. So, I hope I'm not off color by posting! I just wanted to ask people who are already in the field their opinion on this topic. I am currently at CC for one to save money, and for two because my husband is stationed far from a reputable university (refuse to waste money at a garbage Uni). I'm going to get my BA in engineering because it will transfer to Tech with automatic admission as long as I keep my grades up. From here I have two option:

    • Transfer to Virginia Tech, and earn BS in (hopefully) Aerospace
      • Better school/higher clout
      • Would attending a better school mean getting a better job offer upon completion??


    • Move to TX and work for a small aerospace firm drafting completed projects while attending UT Arlington
      • Smaller, less desirable school
      • Minimum 2 years experience in the field before graduation
      • Pay for school/no *****
      • Already be employed when I graduate
        • Would the experience make up for what the lesser university would lack education wise??

    My natural thought is that the experience would mean more to a future employer than the difference of degree. But, my question is: Do employers really place a lot of weight in the university from which a degree is earned?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Welcome Avcoe

    Being an ex-student, I guess AVCOE is by far the best when it comes to the northern maharashta side. Engineering is good with descent campus placements. Plus poly technique is available. Take a look at the website....

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    I think a good argument could be made either way. If it were me, my gut would tell me to go for the one with the most practical experience and a guaranteed job. I have not worked directly in the aerospace field, and things may be different there, but in my experience most working engineers would rather have someone with some practical field experience rather than knowledge of "high-flying" (get it?) egghead principles. Someone that knows how to make a good drawing and how to deal with workers on the floor or suppliers can be a valuable addition to an existing staff. You might get different advice from someone in the field, and it will be valuable, but that is my input.

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    I would say experience matters the most so go for the second option.

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