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Thread: Hydraulic Circuit Design

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    Hydraulic Circuit Design

    Hello Everyone,

    I need to design a hydraulic circuit to push 500 TON
    Force = mass x Acceleration = 4905 KN where Acceleration = G = 9.81

    then to get the Area of the Jack, I need to determine the working pressure to use it in P = F / A
    So my question is based on what shall I determine the pressure settings?

    After I get the area of the Jack, I can calculate the pump flow rate using Q = A x V where V= 3 to 4 cm/min


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    Good I checked all the links but still can't understand what determine the pressure range for that application?

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    You determine the pressure by comparing the capabilities of the cylinder and the pump. Select a pump you think will work. What pressure will that pump provide? Then select a cylinder that will handle that pressure and size the bore of the cylinder to create the desired force from that pressure.

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