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Thread: Pressurized sprinkler system - regulator dilemma

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    Pressurized sprinkler system - regulator dilemma

    So I've got a pretty simple setup (see diagram). My problem is that I need to find the maximum input pressure at the regulator which will allow me to maintain an output pressure of 14 Bar. I'm hoping to build some variations of this with different attachments at the end, so I need to know the relationship between input and output pressure, so I can calculate the values for different systems without having to build and test them.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Ok, I'm confused. First, prove to me this isn't homework. Second, you don't seem to understand how regulators work. Within their operating range, they limit the output pressure to the desired level regardless of the input pressure. Outside their operating range? Boom. Third, your diagram specifies the input pressure as 90 bar. So why are you asking? And fourth, since what you're showing is a closed system with a finite amount of fluid, I'll bet the question in your book was "how long will the flow last?"

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