I have this Paper roll that I would like to reliable setup such that it can be written on ...in an outdoor environment.

how can any or all of these skills be used to quickly and easily setup
A portion of a bond paper(treat as a roll of fabric I guess) well enough to reliably work on(I want to write,draw,paint on it)... even in strong wind condition.

Anything suits this as long as any fittings, attachments etc can fit in a bag(suitcase on wheels is fine too).

I have carabiner hooks, washing line rope, paracoord, webbing strap rolls, cargo tension hook strap and some yach/sail mechanisms, scaffolding tube etc.

Could use aluminium tubing or something similar for an easy one hand build - modular approach of some kind.

The biggest obstacle I have is how to stretch it up ....given are the endless hook and grab points at various heights and angles such as trees, mesh like fences etc.

It will be windy and provided its not a gale force winds to tear the paper ...this setup should withstand a good enough beating from the elements...

I have been thinking about this for some time and would like to just take a suitcase with a bondpaper to the local park or an outdoor space and setup within minutes... washing line style easiness.
Looked also at more rigid and less relying on the environment setups such as stakes, pegs ..camping gear or folding canopys ...anything that can fold and fit in a bag really.

Minimalist setup that is beyond my skill and knowledge at this stage. True engineering on what direction this should take.

How long of a writing surface?
Any size as far as the roll can extend ...at the moment I have only attached up to 4-5 metres and it was never reliable...I would really like this to extend lengths from 2 metres to 10 ...15 metres .depending on weather and circumstances of the environment etc.

Some photos of what I can rely on to be where the setup is to work :

DSCF2382.jpgDSCF2369.jpgbushcraft_bag.jpgbond paper roll.JPG