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Thread: Sorting machine, N00b needs help :)

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    Confused Sorting machine, N00b needs help :)

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and not an engineer so I will need all the help I can get.
    Anyway my goal is to create a sorting machine, I will be outsourcing but need to get my concept right and just get more feedback.

    you can find my very basic concept mocked up here: (see attached pdf) or here:


    or pdf version part_sorter_draft.pdf

    Anyway what it is, is a sorting machine. so imagine the machine sorting assorted lego pieces (150mm~3mm in diameter) by colour and/or weight. I am aiming for it to be a compact design that fits on a desk with 4 output collection bins.

    Step 1 - Set criteria to sort from controller, eg colour / weight

    Step 2 - place assorted blocks in

    Step 3 - pieces
    (this part I mainly need help with, my system in the image has 2 rubber / foam wheels that pick up the pieces and then drop them one at a time with a trip IR or laser or something like that detects as the piece falls and stops the wheels moving untill analysis is complete.)

    Step 4 - Isolated piece is analysed for weight and colour
    (this part need help with because colour sensors from my knowledge are limited to close proximity from my understanding, so if pieces are from 150mm~2mm in diameter, how would the colour sensor target the object.)

    Step 5 - Pieces are pushed off analysis plate into one of 4 bins depending on inputted criteria.
    (Not sure if my push plate method is the most effective or if there is a better method.)

    Thanks so much everyone in advanced for input, it will be greatly appreciated.
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