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Thread: need help on designing crane.

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    need help on designing crane.

    i saw this post on other website.. but no body answered it yet.. i have the same problem i hope you guys can help me. . phpDI0Onv.png

    Figure shows a model of a crane with a pin-connected frame designed to carry a load of construction materials having a weight of 800 lb. The hydraulic actuator pushes up on the horizontal beam to assist in positioning the load on the building being consturcted.
    The hoist at the end of the beam raises the load from a delivery truck and lowers it to the floor or roof of the building. The picture shows a schematic representation of the crane with the pertinent dimensions (in feet).

    ASKED: Determine the forces on all members and joints, including the supports A and B. Comment on the kinds of stresses produced in the members under these forces and how the choices of shape and dimensions of the members are influenced by the magnitude and directions of the forces acting on them.

    thank you in advance..

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    Well, solving the statics equations is not an easy task as it would involve quite a bit of time and effort.

    If you are allowed to modify the design to something standard, see:

    Lifting Boom, Davits Application and Design Equations
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