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Thread: New to forum - seeking assistance with material selection

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    New to forum - seeking assistance with material selection

    Hello out there,
    I am new to your forum - thanks for having me aboard! I am an industrial design engineer consultant in Long Beach CA, and this site looks like it could be a wonderful resource in my consulting practice. I found it while searching for answers for a client's project, and would like to also present the issue to this community.

    I have a client that is trying to build a device for the consumer cosmetics industry. The device is to work with finger nail polish, must be made out of a material that is resistant to acetone (nail polish remover), which finger nail polish would wipe off of and not stain, could be overmolded or adhered to a skeletal structure (probably steel), and soft to the touch (rubber, foam, some sort of coating, etc).

    This is not an industry that I have had much dealings with before, and I am having difficulty trying to determine what material this product could be made with. I am hoping someone on here might have some suggestions regarding a material that might work for this product, ideas about how to go about finding a material like this, or know someone in the cosmetics or manufacturing industry that might be able to lend some insight.

    Until we determine the material this product will be made with, the design is stuck in the conceptual phase...

    Thank you!

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    Polyurethane foam is resistant to acetone and other solvents but not necessarily resilient to touch.

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