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Thread: Steam Condenser help dry out air before exhausting

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    Steam Condenser help dry out air before exhausting

    I have a large enclosure (20ft long) were we spray water onto 12", 400* pipe in order to cool it. I would like to remove some of the moisture out of the air before exhausting the air into the shop. I understand there are large scale dehumidifiers for this type of project but my lead time, cost requirements and frankly, efficiently requirements are quite low. I just need to reduce as much of the moisture as possible.

    My plan is to have an exhaust fan send air through a snake of duct work, which will hopefully condense some of the water, whatever air is left will exhaust into the shop (like it does currently). Condensate will flow back into my water tank. Does anyone have an references to look at for a simple device such as this? Maybe this is truly a project left to the "industrial dehumidifier" professionals...?

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    Surely there is a way to recover some heat. Is there any way to pass this humid air thru a air to water heat exchanger.
    Not knowing the BTU you are dealing with, one could easily use domestic water and a storage tank to provided some cool water for the coil.
    Again, not knowing the temp / humidity of the air hard to know it's dewpoint.

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