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Thread: Silicon Tooling awkward shapes

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    Silicon Tooling awkward shapes

    I am looking for some advice on how to design my product for silicon tooling.
    I intent to have it made in 50 shore rubber. My tricky part is that it has to house a small gps device.
    Any suggestion, however ridiculous, would be greatly appreciated.
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    Check out 3-D printers.

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    Same geometry design rules apply as with plastic injection molding. You might consult with your silicon molding vendor and ask for recommendations.

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    Nothing looks irregular about that part. That could easily be injection molded, the silicone also isn't a problem for injection molding. For low volume stuff, especially if you don't have the capital to cover the tooling for injection molding, you could have a rapid prototyping company do urethane castings. They are temporary molds that can be made quickly and cheaply to pump out lower volume stuff at a fairly reasonable cost.

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