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Thread: Beam structure analysis - Dealing with angle iron loads

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    Beam structure analysis - Dealing with angle iron loads

    I am trying to complete a set of hand calculations for a structure as depicted in the attached jpg. I have done the calculations using singularity equations and assumed initial conditions to solve for the initial set of moments and shear forces at C & D however, I know there should be some axial forces @ C and D. I have looked into how to calculate that and discovered that to find the axial load, I would have to be able to calculate the shear going through the angle iron (member 1) due to the load applied to it. All the material I have found so far is really confusing and I was wondering if someone would be able to provide some assistance.
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    Unless I really had to look at this in a particular way, I'd start with simple frame analyse and move on from there. These types of things are only as complicated as you want to make them.

    Use your numbers to plot a bending moment and deflection diagram and you should start to see what is transferring load and to where. Once you can see how the structure is reacting (and then plot the reaction vectors at the connection points due to the deflection of the the horizontal member), it should become a simpler to see what you are trying to calculate.

    The confusing part comes (probably) from the numerous quadratic equations you could jump through to try and predict all possible outcomes for this given scenario, so look at it's simplest form and go from there.

    If you have the forces (moments and shear) at C & D already, You just need to apply them. Equal and opposite, remember?

    You have fixed bases and what looks like pinned joints? If so, simple pinned joints cannot transfer moment, only shear; so work from that.

    This is a rambling reply but it's been a long few months, so, sorry.

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