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Thread: Iron labeling

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    Iron labeling

    Hello everyone!

    I just entered in the laboral world and I still have lots to learn,
    I'm unexperienced on where and/or how to search for certein things,

    so I hope that you can help me here out.

    You see, I have a problem in labeling iron leafs.

    Right now I'm using a spray can and a pice of cardboard to label them.
    The problem is that as I keep labeling the blades the cardboard keeps geting wet and soaked with the paint, and eventually the label ends up leaking and not optimal.

    Is ther any method or machine that I could use to improve the labeling process?

    Also, is there any special or recomended type of paint to use on iron?



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    For that sort of labeling (and i take it you do a lot of it) i'd invest in a metal stencil, rather than card. Just remember to clean it so it it doesn't become to caked up and make the labels unintelligible.

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    yeah, a ceramic stencil also crossed my mind

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