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Thread: Sizing angle iron above 16' garage opening

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    Sizing angle iron above 16' garage opening


    I'm looking to add bricks to the front of my house. I would like help to size the angle iron that I would need to go above the 16 foot garage door opening (i'm hoping an angle iron is enough). Can't seem to find much info on this topic.

    I have 11 feet of brick above the garage door with 2 windows 59"x63" and 71"x63". The top of the windows are 18" from the top of the brick and one extends 6 inches further than the garage the other is about 8 inches further on the other side (I will be adding regular angle irons above these ones). The brick weights 37.3 lbs /sq ft. Total weight of brick is about 4500 lbs (however some load from above windows is transferred off the weight above the garage and is also ). Note, this weight doesn't including mortar, if wet / safety factor etc.

    I would like to know how to size the angle iron and how much it needs to extend onto the adjacent brick.

    The brick layer seems to think a 4x6 3/8 thick angle iron with 8inches excess on each side should be sufficient but is not 100% sure.

    Wanted to know if that sounds right and if there is a way to calculate it. Also, I've been informed not to attach the angle iron to the garage header and the bricks will be resting on a cement foundation ready for bricks.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Most correctly I would consult local building codes and engage a civil or architectural engineer to determine the right structural member.

    If you want to examine recommendations from these professionals see the following webpages:

    Beam Deflections, Stress Equation and Calculations

    Engineering Materials

    Section Modulus Equations and Calculators

    Engineering Materials Specifications and Characteristics - Ferrous and Non-Ferrous

    Structural Shapes Properties

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    When doing your calculations, a free body diagram on the loading configuration should first be created.

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