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Thread: aluminum tubing weight strength?

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    aluminum tubing weight strength?

    Hi everyone
    I'm curious, how much weight can a 1x1x0.125" aluminum tubing hold?

    I am trying to build a support for a sagging foam camper roof so it has the be light weight and withstand weather. What I'm thinking of doing is creating a frame that will be roughly 12' long on both sides and in between will be four 7' pieces. The 7' pieces will have a arch in the center and every 3 ft, give or take, will be a leg made of the same tubing, maybe between 1-2" long. I was thinking about placing either the same shaped frame on the underside of the roof as well, or possibly just some plates to bolt the frame down to.

    The foam roof to my understanding weighs around 400 lbs with an added 100 lbs in the center for the A/C. Right now all of this metal (about 80') will weigh in about 40 lbs which should work fine, provided the strength is right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninhalo5 View Post
    Hi everyone
    I'm curious, how much weight can a 1x1x0.125" aluminum tubing hold?
    This would depend on the specific material (Aluminum), geometry, loading configuration, and direction of loading on the geometry.


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