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Thread: HELP* Engineering Interview Project

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    HELP* Engineering Interview Project

    Hello, so I am a sophomore in HS and for my engineering class, the instructor assigned us a project to interview a PROFESSIONAL engineer. Here are the questions I must ask:
    - -Please describe your engineering field.

    -What is your current job title?

    -Please describe your particular job and duties.

    -What is your average work schedule?

    -Starting with High school, describe your education background chronologically.

    -If you had it to do over, related to your career or education, would you do anything differently?

    -What advice would you give to me as someone interested in pursuing a career path similar to yours?

    (If you would like to answer, please answer briefly and add as much info as you would like. Also you can answer here or you can email me at -----------------) Add your name, email, where you work and what type of engineer. I want a variety of people. Thank you engineers!
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