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Thread: Thrust Bearing with Tension Support

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    Thrust Bearing with Tension Support

    Hi, all! I'm a new member here, but have often viewed forum posts from other searches. I've got a question I've run into several times:

    i need a thrust bearing that will generally be used in the normal manner (compression). However, sometimes the parts will have a force pulling the two rotating members away from each other, and I'm looking for an off-the-shelf solution that will stop them from being pulled apart.

    Is there some kind of thrust bearing that is designed to attach to both rotating members with fasteners or something? This would be a compression force of maybe 20 lbs and a tensile force of approx. 10 lbs.


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    Thrust bearings, such as spherical roller and tapered roller types are designed for axial thrust loading in compression. I think you're looking for a bearing that you can secure via. fasteners to two separate components and absorb the axial tension loading.

    You can achieve the bi-directional axial loading on a thrust bearing by designing the bearing support collars/features to retain the bearing as well as transfer the axial compression loading from the shaft components.

    I don't know of an OEM thrust bearing cage design that is meant to absorb the loading bidirectional.

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