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Thread: Alternative Energy Engineering Degree?

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    Alternative Energy Engineering Degree?

    Hello, I would like some opinions on what I would like to do with Engineering, I was in a toss up between Aerospace and Alternative Energy. With some help from a friend I've pretty much narrowed it down and what I'm really aiming for is doing something that helps the human race survive on and eventually leave this planet. This may involve coming up with new sources of energy, things outside wind, solar, hydro and nuke. I guess what I need some input on is am I right in thinking alternative energy will encompass more than those 4? I believe we will need to come up with something else in order to make it to the next millennium.

    Thanks for the input.

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    My opinion - neither... You should search the general internet as well as the major job boards/websites for jobs requiring both degrees and you'll see why.

    Unfortunately, having an engineering degree does not give you the power to pick and choose when, where, or what technology you work on or who you work for.

    If I had to do it all over again I would consider civil, mechanical, computer science or electrical engineering. These degrees open the most doors.

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