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Thread: Size of torque wrench

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    Size of torque wrench

    In my design I have a 220 ksi bolt with hex captive head place inside a counter bore hole of size 1" dia and 3.5" deep.
    The torque that i need to apply is 1250 inch pounds.

    What should be the hex head size that i need to provide. Is there any torque wrench tool available with <1" OD?

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    1250 lb-in is 104 lb-ft, which is well within the range of any 1/2 inch drive socket wrench. What is the bolt (head) size? Different toolmakers have different standards, so sockets ODs vary. Snap-On has some of the best and thinnest wall sockets available. Or perhaps use a hex socket head cap screw and torque it with a hex key.


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    Yes. 50-250 inches lbs. Which is 1/4 drive size. Uses small fastners

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