I work at a facility that makes explosive devices. It has been our policy that there are no cell phones or similar wireless devices allowed in the facility. I just tried to order a 2.4 GHZ wireless mouse/keyboard and it's currently up in the air whether or not I could even use something like that here. The fear is that the radio frequency could heat up the small bridge wire (think an 1/8" long piece of wire thinner than a light bulb filament) and cause the device to go off.

The general consensus among people who know just enough to be dangerous is that although in theory it is possible it would take a high power radio transmitter and much longer bridge wire to actually have this happen. It's simply easier for the company to not allow these things and be done.

What device would it take to measure whatever it is we need to measure to determine if a wireless devices produces enough energy to be an actual safety hazard?