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Thread: My Origami User Interface System project! Advice is needed for it!!!

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    Welcome My Origami User Interface System project! Advice is needed for it!!!

    Origami User Interface System (OUIS) is a project I am researching now. Its aim is to solve the two main problems (in my opinion) of our modern mobile devices, which are the strict limitations of the functions and user experience caused by the limitations of the geometric shape of the device. The goal of the project is developing a paper-like device that can be folded like a paper into different shapes to fulfill different purposes.
    Like this:

    This is the first prototype of OUIS. It consists of a 48x64 FPC LED array touchscreen, a sensor array consists of 20 strain gauges and a driver & computing system of 2 Arduino boards.

    strain gauge array

    LED array

    (The production of the FPC and PCBs cost me 600$ !!!!! And I once programmed a processing computer sot to calculate the data from the sensors, but I deleted it two weeks ago to simplify the system. Now the boards can calculate the data themselves. Algorithms are currently useless due to the simplicity of my crease patterns, haha. The device can work independently now.) In order to craft a suitable touch layer on my own, I designed a touch layer which is made of parallel metal threads. Silver threads and resistor threads (Made from alloy of iron, chromium and alumium) are arranged alternately. (Actually my mom saved me from the endless knitting ............)

    User must use a conductive glove to manipulate the device. A simple OS runs in the Leonardo, and a data collection program runs in the Pro Mini.
    The device has 3 functions now: laptop(can only type texts), tablet(do you expect an os on Arduino can do anything except clicking buttons like a tablet?),game stick(looks beautiful). Although it's not fully functional now, at least it looks good.
    (How come I forgot to take a picture of the completed device!!! God.)
    Future plan:

    I am a high school student from Beijing No.4 High School, and I decided to to study engineering in USA. If you like this project, please offer me your precious advice about it ! Thank you!!!!!

    I am very glad to get in touch with you!!
    My e-mail: removed

    If you want to offer some serious suggestions of adaptions i can post my source code~

    This project is absolutely unfinished... Actually I hurried up my first prototype because of the dead line of a boring competition...
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