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Thread: scissors roof truss analysis and design

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    Bang Head scissors roof truss analysis and design

    Hi, I am newbie here. I designing a scissors roof truss system currently. There are problems in my analysis. To simplified the question, I omitted all the dimension of the structure. My scissor roof truss is supporting by column, from the beginning, I make simply supported for the roof truss (roller and pin) to allow the lateral movement at one end of the truss. The problem arise when I found that the lateral deflection at the roller end was up to 200mm. I would like to ask about that if I assume the pin joint at both end of the roof truss, should I consider there is a lateral load apply on the top of the column? the reason is the roof truss will cause the column bend at the top, and I need to consider a lateral load on the top of the column (the lateral use to push the roof truss back to original position) as I can ensure the column will not bend over. If I doing like this, the new size of column will be much more large than the previous (simply suppoted) column right? Any of you can help me in this topic?

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    Without a free body diagram it's not clear what your'e asking. You should analyze what you intend on building...

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