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Thread: What is the name of this form in the end of this bar?

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    What is the name of this form in the end of this bar?

    We are looking to describe the name of the formed end on this bar. Is it swaged? Is it crimped? What tool would be used to make this shape? The bar is .25" dia steel.
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    Welcome to the Forum. I would call it swaged. You could use a variety of machines and tools depending on production quantities. You would need to calculate the tonnage required for the material size and Grade.

    For low quantities you could use common hydraulic bearing press with a suitably machined, hardened and tempered forming tool.

    For medium quantities you could use a hand fed Benchmaster style press with above-mention forming tool.

    For higher quantities you would need an automated feeding system.

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    Its easy to do in a bench vice if you only have a few to do.

    If you use the shank of a 1/4 drill in a 4" bench vice with the rod and drill at 90deg to each other

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