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Thread: Need some help with project.

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    Need some help with project.

    Hello! I am a final year diploma student. I was thinking of making a tyre pressure measuring system as my project. But all the existing systems are very sophisticated and quite above my knowledge level. So can anyone suggest a way of obtaining the same results by using simpler components? Please help.

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    When you say "final year diploma student", do you mean the equivalent of final year American high school? Or college?

    Either way, I think the purpose of your project is for you to both understand the technology involved and to develop your creative capabilities. If I were your professor and saw your post I would be tempted to automatically give you a failing grade. You admit that you have no idea how current systems work but you want someone else to GIVE you a simpler way. I suggest that you spend your time learning the details about how the current systems work (maybe even ask about them here) and then figure out a simpler way to accomplish the task yourself. Yes, its more work but the long term benefits to you greatly outweigh any resulting from someone giving you an answer. Care to rephrase your question?

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