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Thread: Need help with prototype

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    Need help with prototype

    I am currently working on a prototype for a new product.

    Without exposing the product to much it is simply put a cooling box run by solar panels with a battery backup.

    Due to the fact that the surface area available for solar panels is limited the cooling module needs to be quite small and not consume to much power.

    Does anyone know where I would be able to find cooling fans like the kind used in 12V coolers for cars and RV's? 24V would also work.

    Any help is received with much appreciation!



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    I am not sure if this will be classified as an "advertising post" but if you go to *********om and search "12 volt electronics cooling fans" you will find a large collection of products.

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    What about a battery powered cooler? Would work for prototype then you could reverse engineer the system.

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