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Thread: tell me some software courses

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    tell me some software courses

    hi guys im currently doing civil engg and i need to know what softwares i need to learn for getting a job .i dont want the softwares to be a lot mathematical as i am not so much good in math ..currently i have basic knowledge of autocad and solidworks .but i dont think they are realted to my course . so please guide me what should i do..

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    Yes,You can learn some softwares as short-term course…
    STAAD.Pro: STAAD.Pro is computer-aided analysis and design software related to structural engineering. It solves the indeterminacy of multi-storied and complex structures like tunnels, bridges, piles and culverts, in few seconds by dividing them into elements like steel, concrete, timber and aluminium.
    Companies that are into construction business use tools like STAAD.Pro to ensure the quality and sustainability of the structures they are constructing.
    Interior Designing: If you are interested in interior designing, you can take up a short-term course in the subject and begin your career in the field. The knowledge and skills required to succeed as an interior designer are different from those required by a civil engineer. So you should be willing to work hard and pick up the new skills.

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    You can learn these softwares:
    1. In Revit architecture you learn to design the design the interior of houses and buildings.
    2. 3Ds max is a software by auotdesk for modelling, rendering and animation.

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    AutoCAD and Solidworks are both good to know, as is STAAD and Revit, Robot, RISA etc. It's mainly going to come down to what your future employer prefers to use. If you're not to good on the math side, maybe your time will be better spent on that because you still need to check the computer generated results and if you struggle on hand calcs, nobody is going to let you loose on expensive software.

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    PHP Language is the most common and most used programming language on Internet. It is available on almost all platforms, is easy to learn, easy to understand, and customizing or modifying an existing project based on this technology is within the realms of possibility.
    However, due to this relative simplicity, non professional, software could easily be a nest of security issues.
    Many colleges provide this software course program...
    Hope it offers some help.
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    Revit autodesk seems to be the standard nowadays for archi
    learning 3d max wouldnt hurt too

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    Some computer courses related to Civil Engineering inlcudes-AutoCad,nStaad Pro and Interior Designing.
    AutoCad-AutoCAD is software used to create 3-D designs of buildings and structures, modify, analyse and optimise them.
    Staad Pro-Staad Pro is computer-aided analysis and design software related to structural engineering.

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